Withdrawal of Israel from the Council of Bureaux

The membership of the Insurance Bureau of Israel in the Council of Bureaux (CoB) has ended on 31.12.2021. The main consequences of the withdrawal are the following:

  • The country code for Israel "IL" must be removed from the International Motor Insurance Card (Green Card). There is a two-year implementation period for this.
  • International Motor Insurance Cards granting cover for Israel are invalid as of 1.1.2022, even if the abbreviation "IL" has not been deleted from them.  Drivers of foreign vehicles must conclude a frontier insurance when entering Israel from 1.1.2022. It is recommended that insurance companies delete the abbreviation "IL" when issuing insurance cards from 1.1.2022 at the latest.
  • As of 1.1.2022, International Motor Insurance Cards issued under the control of the Insurance Bureau of Israel are invalid. When entering the territories of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, drivers of vehicles registered in Israel must conclude a frontier insurance from this date.