Legal form

The insurance companies active in the motor third party liability insurance branch constitute and administrate together the Swiss National Bureau of Insurance (NBI). The NBI has its own legal personality (art. 74 par. 1 of the Road Traffic Act SVG). It is established as an association according to art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB).


The composition, the tasks and the attributions of the bodies composing the Swiss National Bureau of Insurance are ruled by the NBI constitution (Art. 8 ss). The Bodies are the General Meeting of Members, the Executive Committee and the Statutory Auditor. The statutory auditor is elected by the general meeting of members for a duration of one year. Every auditing company subject to government supervision according to the Act on audit supervision (Revisionsaufsichtsgesetzes RAG) may be elected as statutory auditor (Art. 26 s of the constitution).

Managing insurer

According to the law, the NBI may entrust the execution of its tasks to its members or to third parties and appoint a managing insurer (Art. 76b par. 4 lit. a SVG). Ever since the formation of the NBI, the technical part of its association tasks has been executed by the Zurich Insurance Company.

Registered office

The registered office of the NBI is situated at the registered office of the managing insurer in Zurich. The NBI has two registered branch offices, one in Lausanne and one in Lugano.