Abolition of the bike insurance sticker

New Regulation of the Obligation to provide coverage of the National Guarantee Fund as of 1.1.2012

The obligatory vignette that covered damage caused by cyclists was abolished as of 1.1.2012. Likewise, no vignettes are required for pedal-assisted e-bikes up to 25km/h, motorized handcarts, certain single axles or power wheelchairs up to 10km/h any longer.   

As of 1.1.2012, cover against damage caused to third parties in accidents involving bicycles must be provided by the cyclists themselves or by their personal liability insurance.  Bikes with a 2011 insurance sticker provide sufficient cover to the user until 31.5.2012.  

The NGF suggests to all cyclists to verify the existence of sufficient insurance cover. They should ask their insurer to be sure to have personal liability insurance cover. 

Even if the bike insurance sticker was abolished,  cyclists receive compensation from the NGF for damages caused by themselves after 1.1.2012 if insurance cover is lacking or insufficient. The NGF covers the costs for damages up to two million Swiss francs per accident if no other insurance is going to pay.  In most cases, victims receive full coverage for incurred damages even if cyclists responsible for accidents cannot pay because they don't have personal liability insurance cover or they are without resources.

Paying the losses of the victims, the NGF takes over their rights. According to the scope of compensation paid on behalf of the injured, the NGF takes recourse against the persons responsible for accidents. In other words, the NGF reclaims amounts awarded to victims from causers in full.   

In addition, the NGF covers damages caused by uninsured or insufficiently insured users of equipment similar to a vehicle after 1.1.2012.   Equipments similar to a vehicle are different means of transport with wheels driven only by means of the users' physical strength (i.e. roller skates, inline skates, scooters).