Contributions per year NBI NGF Total
Motorcycles CHF 0.20 CHF 1.90 CHF 2.10
Motor vehicles up to 3.5 tons CHF 0.40 CHF 3.80 CHF 4.20
Heavy motor vehicles CHF 0.80 CHF 7.60 CHF 8.40

The costs incurred by the NBI and the NGF in performing their functions are financed, as stipulated by the Swiss Road Traffic Act (SVG), by an annual contribution made by each car owner. The third party liability car insurance providers collect these contributions together with their premiums. The amount of the contributions is set by the NBI and the NGF, and must be approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA (Art. 76a SVG).

Bases for calculating the contributions

The bases for calculating the contributions and for supervising their payments are defined by the Swiss Road Traffic Insurance Ordinance (VVV). The NBI and the NGF calculate each car holder's contribution according to approved rules of the actuarial practice. (Art. 58 VVV)

Insurance companies inform policy holders about the amount of the contributions (Art. 59 par. 1 VVV) an, such as the FEDRO and the FINMA (Art. 59a VVV), provide the NBI and the NGF (Art. 59 par. 2 lit. b VVV) with necessary details in order to supervise the correct collection of the contributions by die the insurance companies.

The Ordinance concerning the technical requirements for motor vehicles (VTS) contains the definition of motorcycles (Art. 14 VTS), light motor vehicles (Art. 10 par. 2 1st sentence VTS) and heavy motor vehicles (Art. 10 par. 2 2nd sentence VTS).


The federal government and its companies and institutions are exempt from the obligation to contribute. The cantons as vehicle owners for which third party liability is not compulsory (Art. 73 par. 1 SVG) are liable for contributions in so far as their vehicles are covered by insurance (Art. 76a par. 4 SVG).