Handling Fees NBI

Comparative table in CHF (non binding) Rates
Effective as of 1.2.2003
Exchange rate: 1 EURO = 0.9683 CHF (as of 23.07.2024)
Rate: 15%
Minimum fee: EURO   200* = CHF   193.66
Maximum fee: EURO 3500* = CHF 3'389.05
* General Assembly of the Council of Bureaux of 14-15 June 2001 in Andorra.

Expressed in payments:
up to CHF   1'291.07 = Minimum fee CHF  193.66**
from CHF   1'291.07    
up to CHF 22'593.67 = Rate 15%**
over CHF 22'593.67 = Maximum fee CHF 3'389.05**
** The value of the fees in CHF is not binding.
General provisions

The handling fee applicable in the relations between bureaux is calculated in accordance with the rules approved by the Council of Bureaux during the General Assembly 2001 in Andorra: The handling fee is calculated at a rate of 15% of the sums paid as compensation to the injured parties per accident, with a minimum of EUR 200.00 an a maximum of EUR 3'500.00.

The handling fee is payable in the country and in the national currency of the handling bureau or, at the latter's option, in Euro. Bureaux that do not emit their demands for reimbursement in EURO shall apply the current exchange rate in order to determine the minimum and maximum handling fees.

The Swiss correspondent is free to agree with the insurer that requested its approval the method for calculating its handling fees. However, this rate shall not be enforceable against any Bureau.

The claims handling fee covers all the expenses which are incurred by the handling bureau arising from an accident (accident = loss, regardless of the number of claims or the number of injured parties). The guaranteeing bureau can be separately charged for external expenses such as bank charges, consultancy fees, etc. Internal expenses incurred by the handling bureau settling the claims are not considered to be external expenses in this context.

The handling bureau is entitled to levy the handling fee even if the claim announced was settled without any payment.