Claims Regulations

The Claims regulations of the NBI & NGF came into force on 1 May 2009. The status as at 1 October 2018 is:

The NBI and NGF can delegate tasks concerning the cover of claims to a member company, the managing insurer or a claim handling company (art. 41 par. 1 and 53 par. 1 of the Legal Ordinance on Vehicle Insurance VVV, art. 74 par. 2 lit. a and 76 par. 2 of the Road Traffic Law SVG). The reciprocal relations between the NBI and NGF and their representatives must be regulated contractually.

Since then, NBI & NGF representatives commit themselves to complying with the provisions within the Claims regulations by signing the „Swiss Interclaims Agreement“. By signing the Swiss Interclaims Agreement, representatives are granted the power to represent the NBI and NGF and to settle claims according to art. 74 et seq. and 76 et seq. SVG.

Signatories of the Swiss Interclaims Agreement

AIG Europe Limited
Allianz Suisse
AXA Versicherungen AG
Basler Versicherungen
Die Mobiliar
Generali Assurances Générales
HDI Global SE
Helvetia Versicherungsgesellschaft AG
Inter Partner Assistance
Probus Insurance Company Europe Ltd.
QBE Insurance (Europe) Ltd.
UNIQA Versicherung AG
Vaudoise Assurances
Zurich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG

AVUS (Schweiz) AG
CDS Centre de Sinistres SA
Crawford Partner (Switzerland) AG
DEKRA Claims Services Suisse SA
Swiss Claims Network
Swiss Schadenzentrum SSC AG
Toplis & Harding SA
Van Ameyde (Switzerland) AG