New Insurance Card

Print out your International Motor Insurance Card at home

Media release of 29 June 2020

The Swiss National Bureau of Insurance increases the convenience of the International Motor Insurance Card, which is often referred to as "Green Card" in everyday life. From 1 July 2020, Swiss insurance companies will be able to send the card to their customers by electronic means. To simplify printing, the card is now also valid on white paper.

Anyone who drives a Swiss motor vehicle to a country outside the EEA (EU states, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland) requires an International Motor Insurance Card. This card shows customs and police officers that the vehicle owner has the compulsory third party liability insurance. In order to be able to deliver the card to customers more quickly before they leave, Swiss insurance companies will also have the option of issuing the card electronically from 1 July 2020. However, the card is only valid when printed out on paper. To avoid customers having to buy green paper, the card is now also valid on white paper. Customers need to ask their own insurance company whether they can obtain the card directly by e-mail.

In everyday life, this insurance card is particularly important for Swiss customers when travelling to certain Eastern and South-Eastern European and Mediterranean countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine). The card itself shows exactly where it is valid. Since the 31 January 2020 Brexit, the situation regarding car journeys to the UK remains unclear. The Swiss National Bureau of Insurance (NBI) therefore recommends that motorists travelling to the UK order the International Motor Insurance Card from their own liability insurance company.

Interested parties should contact their own insurer if they have questions regarding insurance cover abroad. Questions concerning the competent claims representative in a specific claim should be addressed to the Information Centre of the Swiss National Bureau of Insurance (NBI). The Information Centre can be contacted as follows:

You can obtain additional information on the International Motor Insurance Card and on the tasks of the NBI: