International Agreements

ZURICH I and II Agreements

The NGF concluded the bilateral ZURICH I Guarantee Funds Agreement with a number of EU partner bureaux in the 1990s. This agreement was a predecessor of the ZURICH II Guarantee Funds Agreement, which has been signed later in collaboration with the Comité Européen des Assurances (CEA) and the Swiss Federal authorities between the NGF and the guarantee funds of the EEA member states.

The agreement guarantees better protection for injured parties within the EEA and Switzerland. Nationals and residents of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein are therefore treated in accordance with the same regulations in all EEA member states as apply to the inhabitants of the respective state in the event of accidents involving unknown or uninsured motor vehicles. Nationals and residents of the EEA states can expect equal treatment by the NGF as received by Swiss residents.

ZURICH III Agreement

The aim is now to sign the Guarantee Funds Agreement with non-EEA countries as well (ZURICH III Guarantee Funds Agreement). In order to have a single name and to avoid misunderstandings, the ZURICH III Agreement will supersede the ZURICH II Agreement in the medium term. This will require the countries that have signed the ZURICH II Agreement to sign the new ZURICH III Agreement. As long as this process is not completed, the ZURICH II Agreement will continue to apply.

The NGF has signed the so called ZURICH III Agreements with the Guarantee Funds of the non-EEA countries listed below.

  • Ukraine (on 09.05.2014)
  • Turkey (on 01.11.2014)