Territorial Scope

The two categories of countries within the Green Card system:

Motorists with vehicles registered in the countries displayed in lime green on the map above generally no longer need an International Motor Insurance Card when entering other countries displayed in lime green. They enjoy sufficient motor third party liability insurance cover while circulating on their territories.

When travelling to a country displayed in dark green on the map above, motorists have to order an International Motor Insurance Card from their insurer, unless the insurer already supplies them automatically. The Insurance Card confirms that the vehicle has sufficient insurance cover while abroad.

However, Swiss insurance companies may restrict cover for the countries displayed in dark green on the map by crossing out their country code on the Insurance Card. Whenever a country code is crossed out on such a Card, the document does not any longer provide cover for the corresponding territory. Then it is necessary to order a new Card which provides the needed cover from the insurer or to conclude a frontier insurance policy when crossing the border.

Since the International Motor Insurance Card is valid for a limited period of time, it is important to check its validity before setting off on a trip.

In the event of an accident, the duplicate of the Insurance Card - if there is one - should be given to the police or the injured party. If a duplicate of the Card is not available, a copy will have to be made or the police will record all the relevant data in the police report.