United Kingdom

Change of the distinguishing sign of vehicles registered in the United Kingdom from GB to UK

The United Kingdom will change the distinguishing sign previously used in international traffic for vehicles registered in this state from "GB" to "UK" as of 28 September 2021. This requires an adaptation of the International Motor Insurance Card (green card), for which a two-year implementation period applies. 

Abolition of compulsory insurance checks for vehicles from the UK

Although the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU has never affected the affiliation of the British insurance bureau to the licence plate agreement in principle, legal uncertainties existed after Brexit with regard to the proof of the insurance obligation within the EEA. As part of its decision of 30 June 2021, the EU Commission has now removed these uncertainties.

From 2 August 2021, within the EEA, the systematic control of sufficient motor vehicle liability insurance coverage of vehicles from the UK is to be explicitly waived again. Thus, in the mutual relationship between the UK and the other states of the Multilateral Agreement, the licence plate will again be considered sufficient proof of compliance with the insurance obligation. The need to carry an International Motor Insurance Card (Green Card) can be waived when travelling to the UK. 

This part of the decision is irrelevant from Switzerland's point of view, because the Swiss authorities have refrained from checking the compulsory insurance of these vehicles regardless of the Brexit. There was no reason for such checks because the subordination of the UK Motor Insurers' Bureau to the licence plate agreement was not affected by the Brexit.