Protection of visitors in Italy

Agreement on protection of visitors signed with Italy

In December 2009 an agreement on the protection of visitors has been signed between the ISVAP (Italian regulatory authority and information centre), the ANIA (Italian insurance association) and the NBI, by Dr. Giancarlo Giannini (President ISVAP), Dr. Fabio Cerchiai (President ANIA) and Dr. Martin Metzler (President NBI).

This agreement becomes effective as of 01.01.2010 and provides the application of the 4th Motor Insurance Directive between the two signing countries by accordance and with the provision of reciprocity. By signing this accord, the parties consider the conditions of reciprocity as fulfilled.

The parties declare, that the MTPL-Insurers of both countries will nominate claims representatives in the other respective country. Their own national information centres must be informed accordingly. Concerning the nomination, for the Swiss insurers analogous reference is made to Art. 79b SVG (contractual, as the regulation is not provided for by the law in the sense of Art. 79e SVG for lack of a treaty between Italy and Switzerland). By nominating a claims representative the member companies declare to enter into this Agreement.