What is the NGF?

The Swiss National Guarantee Fund (NGF) is in charge of handling the claims caused by unidentified or uninsured motor vehicles, trailers, bicycles and similar devices. Its tasks are described in the Road Traffic Act.

Who finances the NGF?

The NBI is financed by a statutory levy paid by motor vehicle holders together with their motor insurance premium.


Why should I conclude an insurance if I am riding a bicycle? After all, the "Velovignette" is no longer obligatory and the NGF will cover damages caused by uninsured cyclists.

It is correct that the NGF covers such damages. However, it will charge the person responsible for the accident. The uninsured cyclist will have to pay the NGF the full amount paid to compensate the injured party. Specially in personal injury cases, the costs can quickly exceed one's financial capacity. Therefore, it is very important, before riding a bicycle, to be sure you have a sufficient personal liability insurance coverage.

How should I proceed as a victim of a hit and run accident?

The accident must be immediately reported to the police. The NGF should also be contacted. Please note that damage through vandalism not caused by a vehicle will not be covered by the NGF.