The history of the Swiss National Guarantee Fund NGF, the Swiss National Bureau of Insurance NBI  and the Council of Bureaux CoB is closely linked with the increasing mobility of motorists, both nationally and internationally. The historical process that has led to today’s well developed insurance coverage and protection of road accident victims can be illustrated by means of various agreements.

In accordance with the principles of keeper insurance, the Swiss National Guarantee Fund (NGF) compensates for personal injuries and material damage caused by unidentified or uninsured motor vehicles, bicycles or trailers in the event of accidents that have occurred in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein, providing that no other insurance (e.g. own damage, accident or social insurance) is liable to pay for the loss. Where material damage is caused by an unidentified person, the injured parties have to bear a deductible of CHF 1,000.00 each. This deductible is not applicable in cases where both material damage and personal injuries have to be compensated. However, the personal injuries involved must be serious.

International treaties

In the past, payments by the Swiss National Guarantee Fund were generally limited to citizens and residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Based on treaties concluded with our neighbouring countries and with Luxembourg, citizens and residents from these countries were entitled to receive payments from the NGF, providing that the guarantee funds of these countries were equally obliged to pay for losses of Swiss claimants.